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This is where we plan to archive the family documents submitted to us. The inspiration for this project was best articulated by W.M.D. When he wrote:

In reflecting on the experience of piecing together, with Sean and Johnny, our recent video history of the Driscoll Family, I have both joy and frustration. I am joyed to have experienced our family in this way, a way that brings them back to us, but frustrated in that they now exist only through memory. There is little remaining of the primary experience of our departed. We have little of their own words, little of their own thoughts. In this reflection, I wondered about the future. When our descendants attempt to draw closer to us, wouldn’t it be reasonable to provide them with a record of a primary experience or two for their reflection? It is in that regard that I write you.

>I would propose that we create an electronic archive to which each member of our family, the bloodline of Katherine and Edgar Driscoll, could at any time submit a piece of writing or art that expresses a thought, a concern, an opinion or observation to others in the future who may have an interest in their heritage. For instance, wouldn’t it be interesting to have in Ganna’s words her reaction to women’s suffrage or the treatment of society’s disadvantaged? In a similar way, Da’s reflections on WWI or Deering itself could have been valuable to those in the future interested in the thinking of their forbears.

This is not meant to be a Facebook experience but rather a living archive of the thinking of the members of the family as we live our lives. There would be no editorial board or restriction of topic, and individuals could submit multiple times or not at all. There would be no deadlines or criticism, and the archive would be available only to the Family. These are preliminary thoughts. Practically speaking, Sean is working on creating a suitable electronic format for the project. Both he and Johnny and I welcome comments on the project itself and its technical undercarriage. As we move forward into what we cannot see, let us offer a piece of ourselves so that others might look backward and see us more clearly. Let us hear your thoughts!

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