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John A. Rooney, left, MIT class of 1891 Tug of War Team

This website is a non-commercial vanity site devoted to family history. Most of the information contained on the site is housed in password protected directories. Write to me if you want access.

114th Annual Meeting
Sunday, August 23 @ 4 PM at the horsesheds

Please plan to attend the 114th Annual Meeting of the VIS on SUNDAY AUGUST 23 @ 4 PM, rain or shine, when we will celebrate and inaugurate the new roof on the Horsesheds.

If it is nice weather we will mingle in and outside of the Horsesheds. If it is inclement weather, we will stay inside the nine stalls. If we are experiencing hurricane weather that day, we will postpone the Annual Meeting until the following Sunday, August 30.

We will have a sound system available so that after a short business meeting, people can “talk to each other” having sanitized the microphone first, just one of the day’s safety precautions. We will have masks and gloves available in case people forget theirs.

Due to the very difficult circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the VIS Board of Directors has deemed it necessary not to have the traditional Picnic in Centennial Park after the Annual Meeting. It isn’t easy to eat with a mask on at the same time as chatting while social distancing. So instead, we will have individually wrapped treats and soda at the Annual Meeting. We will provide several chairs and tables for people’s convenience, and you may bring your own lawn chair.


CMD Wedding Album

Scans of mom's photo albums can be found here.There is also a super-8 movie, digitized by Jeanne Langdon, that can be found here.

WMD and JPD Talk About JHD

A YouTube video of Dad and Johnny talking about John Henry Driscoll (Dad Project: Part I). About 40 minutes long.

Academic Article

"The Courtship of John Rooney and Katharine Cusack, 1887–93: Obligations and Marriage Ideals in Irish-American New England" is an academic article by Catherine M. Burns (@cmburns21 on Twitter).